Lets get straight to it shall we

I am currently giving my blog a slight makeover, or rather a fresh new feel and flow to how I’d like it to read. Also in the works is my other blog Being bona fide which is slowly taking shape too. As I’m sure I don’t need to try and explain to any of you that there is a lot to learn and time… time to commit to get the results and the reach the goals I want.

So there hasn’t been much, nothing posted really in yonks – i know. But the best is yet to come and I’d just like to say stay glued to your screens and give me the benefit of the doubt will ya?! 🙂

And on a random note. Today bae brought me breakie in bed.

Toastedostrich, mushroom, cheese & egg sandwich 2015-04-27 19.07.41A beast of a feast I tell you! He knows me so well… 😉

#notamorningperson #publicholidayinSA #mybaeisbetterthanyours


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