Bijou Bites for breakfast

So, who ate their oats this morning?

Now I know that some people don’t enjoy this some what earthy, unattractive, can be sludgy cereal. Each to their own i guess, but gone are the days of Grandma’s jungle oats. After all, she made it the best, and I did attempt to recreate her deliciously creamy version but I don’t know hey, she just knew how much milk to add to the pot, the perfect temperature to cook it at and, she always added the perfect pinch of salt. Never too much nor too little.

Ja, straight up none of this instant microwave nonsense! If you want proper oat meal you’ve got to go old school.

Today the oats sachets come with nibs and bits of toppings like apricot or strawberry, or they’re banana, chocolate or apple and ginger flavoured. My favourite, since my ma doesn’t make me any more, is the peaches and cream. It really does resemble the creaminess of the old school way and the chewy peachy bits do make make me happy. They remind me of the small chunks of fresh strawberries Ma would sprinkle into the bowl. Maybe it was her pretty bowls she served it in and that’s what made it magical?!

Things really do change over time. Out with the old; in with the new – is a real thing. But some things should simply stay the same.

If you’re not the cooked oats kind, then maybe you should opt for good ol’ granola instead? If you prefer  a crunch to your cereal, you can’t go wrong with grinola. #justsaying

But not just any granola OK! It must be Bijou Bites’ of course. My recipes for the various kinds I make  are top secret for now. 😉

It’s mixed up with all kinds of nuts, fruit bits, shavings of this and that baked in a cozy oven. After only a few minutes, you get…


Bijou Bites - Granola

Bijou Bites – Granola

Shared recipe to come soon!


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