Egg in the nest

This is an all time favourite in my home and one of the first yummy meal time snack I was allowed to make growing up.

Egg in the nest is best made by my Dad. He gets it right every time!
I always believed he invented this simple snack; pure genius I thought in amazement.

Over time I’ve reworked the traditional egg in the nest or as some of you may know it as, toad in the hole. Cheese is placed in between the two holey slices, then an egg is cracked open into the holey centre before being fried in a hot and buttered up greasy pan. Salt and pepper for added flavour of course.

The outside should have a nice crispy crunch to it while the middle’s soft egg yolk slowly spreads through the sandwich.

Top it with Nando’s hot sauce or a combo of the Nando’s hot sauce and tangy Mayo. Actually what ever you’d prefer really.

Do you do it DIFFERENTLY?
Tell me what you use and why you use it. And does it taste gooooood?!


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