I <3 me some Burger King! #OntoTheBestBurgersEverList

I don’t have much to say, other than the fact that its 2 minutes to Midnight; I’m awake & dangerously hungry! If I could dive head first into anything fast-foodie right now it would have to be a Burger King Meal yo! It’s the real deal and the pictures don’t lie! The burger is huuuuuge – it takes (my) two hands to hold and place into position (in front of my face) – tasty and oh so fresh! Even the lettuce on the bun can claim bragging rights for keeping its green glow. Those thick cut potato chips though… sweet, savoury and soft beneath that crisp salty layer. Somebody stop me! Do I need you to be judging me right now…ummm, No. Do I care? errrr… Guess what I’ll be eating for lunch tomorrow!!! 😉

#OneWayOrAnother #BurgerBrain #HungryInsomniac #ThankGoodnessForBurgerKingSA



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