Sushi @ Sakura

I’m a sucker for Sushi! Except now, I’m a sucker for Sakura’s Sushi! At a R120.00 – the buffet was incredibly tasty and with a really good variety that kept me going up for more…and more…and…. you catch my drift?!

The comfy and casual, somewhat dimly lit room just set the right relaxing mood that myself and my friends were looking for. We could have literally sat there for days stuffing our bellies with California rolls, rainbow sandwiches, Cajun prawn rolls; salmon rose upon salmon rose! Shall I go on?!! 😉

Although the ombre ginger got my mouth-watering for its sour zesty zap – the wasabi didn’t do it for me though? My friends agreed. Not fiery enough! It looked lighter, almost slightly off in comparison to the usual avocado-green colour. All that meant was that we amped up the chopstick coating to dunk into the soya sauce and boom! Waaasaaaabiiii!

P.s. When I go back – note to self: no eating for the whole day; so I can conquer and clean out that buffet! What??!! Did I say something wrong? ;

Grab a bite between: noon – 3pm
Fancy some dinner: 5pm – 10.30pm


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