Foodinn India Rondebosch – Eastern Cuisine

Foodinn India Rondebosch - Eastern Cuisine

Seriously delicious Eastern cuisine! They are so not shy on portions and you’re served a little of everything that if all consumed together – creates a hot and tasty party in your mouth! I took on the lamb vindaloo curry with roti (came with few sides and yoghurt dressing)… the heat brings a sweat to the brow yes but it doesn’t over power the incredible earthiness of the rich eastern spice flavoured feast. The meat was a melt-in-your-mouth texture and there was a morsel for each bite of roti and curry. Heavenly I tell you!

#BestToEatWithYourHands! – I find the method of eating with your hands to be enjoyable and some what therapeutic. Strange? Maybe. But I like the feeling of tearing my roti and dipping away into my creamy curry! I’m not going to lie; the licking of fingers follows shortly after and that I’m not shy to say I thoroughly enjoy too! :p

I’ve yet to return to make my through an exciting mouth-watering menu that scales the walls of the buffet style restaurant. I’ll let you know what I try next! 😉


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