So! About Bijou Bites…

Hey all, so let me just get down to it! Last year I started my very own small business from my home. I found a passion for baking to partner with my passion for cooking and all things foodie. I’ve always wanted to have my very own business one day; after climbing the ladder of course… so I thought it should be, right? Well, as a result of me having to be @home for a good couple of years due to my condition – which I’ve finally been diagnosed with – which prevented me from joining the 9 to 5 concrete jungle; I decided to jump on the start-up small business entrepreneurial band wagon and what a ride its been so far!




I came up with name Bijou Bites when I remembered I’d heard the word Bijou when someone told me about a place called the Bijou in Observatory – an old building / theatre maybe? – which holds monthly markets. Anyway, the word stuck with me ever since.

But, I never woke up one morning telling everyone this is what I’m going to do. I did succumb to some serious bordem which inevitably resulted in me messing about in the kitchen and trying my hand at the very daunting science we call ‘baking’! Image

I had bought a really cool cookie press set from the awesome Yuppie Chef! So, after gathering up much dust I decided one day to put it to good use… and did I ever!


Further more, I needed to raise money to pay for my medical bills, physiotherapy and consultations and the bizarre craze for my home-made crafty biscuits took off like Vuvuzelas during the 2010 Soccer World Cup! 🙂

Long story short. A business was born and the kitchen never stopped smelling of sweet and savoury yummy goodness!





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