Christmas Past… 2013


Wow you guys, three months of the New Year have flown by already; time truly flies doesn’t it!

I had planned to get my Christmas chapter up waaaaay back when! Like most of my posts; my intentions to write content to upload are always sincere but it never turns out that way and that’s not because I had nothing to say; simply bad planning on my part and the dreaded disease – procrastination once again had me in its grip! Genoeg is nou genoeg! It’s time to get on the band wagon with the rest of the bunch & blog.

Looking back at the festive season I really felt it flew by so quickly and time just ticked away. Christmas carols playing through the speakers at malls and Christmas trees being decorated in the homes of family and friends somehow didn’t seem as consistent as I would have thought Christmas time to be.

Family Christmas tree

Family Christmas tree

There was no sense of urgency around me which could be considered a good thing because it would mean that there would be little panic about shopping lists for the yummy Christmas spread that was to cover the table. Or I could have gotten it all wrong and instead I was to assume that the lack of urgency was reason enough to actually panic.

I think for many families who have to crunch down financially due to the constant increases in product prices – money had to be spent wisely when it came to food and gift shopping.

So to avoid overthinking, over exaggerating or over compensating; what did we do? We braaied – and the awesome thing about braaing, besides it being electricity saving; it’s also a fun and lekker way to avoid overspending! Now me and my family love eating from the grill; really any excuse to gather by the fire and enjoy a few good laughs as we wait in mouth-watering anticipation to sink our teeth into a juicy tender and crispy chop!

We sat in the outside entertainment area at the ginormous wooden table – The table was set in a very relaxed style – which had cute green and white polka dot place mates with a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers as the centre piece.




We hung Christmas ornaments – which belong to my ma – who had Christmas lunch with us – from the white Chinese paper lamps IMG03660-20140102-1635
and for an extra pop of colour I displayed the cake pops on my red and white polka dot tray which I was lucky enough to be gifted with IMG03560-20131225-1519

– along with a few other awesome items – by someone I’ve never met before! Curious? Yes? Check out this extraordinary way of experiencing the gift of Christmas… worldwide!

So what was on the menu? Well my cousin made a pot of tasty devil curry. A dish that he remembers learning how to prepare while watching his Mom. It’s made with chicken and peas and has a sweet and sour brown oniony flavour with a vinegar tang to it. I’ll ask him for the recipe some time so I can share it with you all. J

My Dad braaied the chicken and we ate that with golden roast potatoes, roast leg of lamb and pork that my ma and I slow cooked the evening before.







Tip: I took a skewer and poked the meat and filled the holes with cinnamon sticks, cardamom and cloves, this infused the meats with a spicy aroma.

Accompanied by Moms speciality veggie bake! My absolute favourite combination of butternut and sweet potato coated in a thick rich and creamy sauce, simply divine! Needless to say; there was nothing left on my plate! And of course we toasted to the season to be jolly with my favourite bubbly called Blush. J

For dessert there was a sweet variety of cutely decorated star embellished cupcakes (made by my cousin in law Lizel J), amarula cake pops dipped In dark chocolate and sprinkled with caramel nibs (made by me) and the traditional trifle made by my marvellous ma!









Every year she makes one for each of her three daughters to enjoy, just as her mother had made for her and her nine siblings.


However, it was one of the many desserts and baked goodies they were treated to almost every Sunday – and later would be trusted and expected to make the array of assortments by themselves almost every Sunday.

That was my families Christmas lunch in a nut shell. Simple and delicious. Even though I felt an absence of the essence of Christmas as a whole; if I was going to find the festive spirit anywhere, it was surely going to be at the table eating a truly wholesome and hearty meal with those closest to me, praying over the hands that prepared it, loving one another’s company and sharing stories of Christmas’ Past.





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