Bribery in Cookie Form

Can you say Cookie?!

Hey all!

So you may have noticed that I have been a little distracted … errr…. maybe too much; for no particular reason other than total procrastination! Period. End of story! In my defence; not having good quality photographs doesn’t help as it enables my lack of posting… hoping this changes very soon.

Now lets move on! 🙂

Seeing that it is impossible for me to try & make up for lost time & my useless unproductive habit shouldn’t go unpunished… I happened to stumble upon something sweet that was sure to make my taste buds bounce! How is this my punishment? Well, it’s almost 2am so there’s no way I can cause caos in the kitchen as my folks have only a few hours left to sleep before hitting the concrete jungle! Oh, and ofcourse I don’t have aaaaaany brown sugar… nothing new there right; so I couldn’t make it even if I wanted to! Punishment eeeeeenough! Lol!

So please accept my humble apology, or should I call it Bribery in Cookie Form (it worked for Ali, maybe it will work for me?) & – if the kitchen is free for you to make noise & make a mess – do give this cookie recipe a go! Find out how ‘Ali Does It Herself’ … Why not let Ali know how it went?

Now everybody say,




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