Just Get On With It Already!

Hello friendly followers & bounty bloggers alike. Warm greetings & humblest appologies (sounding familiar) from a wintery South Africa. So. Once again I have no valid reason, zero what-so-ever & I’m not about to try & manifest one either! All I can pin-it-down to is pure & utter perfectionism (in the negative sense), being a tad bit too critty of myself & too much thinking going on – when there should be a hell of a lot more doing!

Laziness? Come on. Óf course! I mean, not to say that this is a trait triggered in anyone of you at any given time, not at all right?! hmm…

Well, the injustice is mine & mine to merely migrate from… and so here is me motivated!

I hope my knack for ‘real’ wholesome writting (or so I’ve been told) will whet your appetites & have you hungry & hooked!

Yours In Food…


Image Source: http://www.verseinspire.com


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