“My partner in crime and ultimately my best friend.”

One Saturday I had a meeting at a favourite spot of mine – City Bowl Market – where you’ll find amazing gourmet food, delicious fusion, international  as well as traditional cuisine. I spotted and sampled some spicy nacho’s at my last visit.


Anyway, I didn’t want to go through alone on this particular day and anyone I could have asked or did ask had already had their Saturday’s filled up. So my number one person – who has also taken me on many an adventure. Traveling to many a shopping mall to sort through many a clothing rail and eat many delicious lunches and desserts at many of our favourite food spots – also just showed me places and things in a way that only she knew how, while growing up as young kid and even still today – saved the day as usual. I am talking about my Grandmother… my Ma – who said without a thought to spare, that she would accompany me to the market.


After taking the wrong road – even though I’ve been there before and know how to get there – lead to a brief squabble about directions but we eventually got there safely and pretty peckish mind you! Once my meeting was over, I joined up with my ma (feeling pretty awful for leaving her to roam around by herself). It was her first time there and I wasn’t sure if she was okay with the vibe and I just feel its a better experience when you share it with someone. My granny being who she is has no fear or shyness about her and put my mind at ease straight away before hurrying me along to get to my meeting and join her after.


Needles to say, I had nothing to be worried about. Ma is a lot like me, or rather I am a lot like her – easy going gals who love seeing new places and trying new things! So by the time I got back to her she had already joined in the friendly laid back and chatting to traders kind of vibe of the market and spotted a few fabulous delights she wanted to show me. She saw a stall selling these beautiful cactus plant arrangements with heart ornamental accessories sticking out of the soil. Which reminds me, on our next visit I’ll seprise her and buy her one!

For lunch Ma had a yummy chicken and bacon pie from the table she’s standing at in the photo – she gave me a bite because she said I just had to taste how delicious it was. And that it was! Creamy, salty, meaty and fluffy pastry – what more could you possibly want in a pie?! Except more!


To drink Ma had the cappacino you see here in the photo and I had an amazing schwarma filled with all the meaty goodness of well spiced lamb bits and fresh strips of veg, drizzled in a delicious cucumber like sour cream sauce and to drink,  a homemade lemonade…Lets just say we enjoyed every morsel, making lunch memorably mouth watering. Eating fresh tasty homemade and finger licking food at a rustic table made out of an old door – surrounded by happy hipsters, vintage shoppers who are scouting the next retro outfit from the fashion stalls and genuinely passionate traders who love what they do and do it wonderfully! A diverse bunch indeed, ensuring a variety of flavours and crafts available to all the hungry market goers – on the spot.

Upon our leaving with very satisfied tummies, and one or two palatable parcels to go…. (Chocolate brownies for Ma and a spinach and feta quiche tart for my Mom) – I also grabbed Ma’s cardboard box of garden picked fruit that she purchased from the fruit and veg stall which you can’t miss as you walk into this magnificent market. Which saw the end to a perfect day out with my best friend… Eating and laughing, what memories are made of. 🙂

Gotta Love Gran. XXX



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