Summer Time… and the living is easy… la dada … Oh & it’s Halloween!

Summer Cooler

Add fruit to your cocktails or mocktails as a natural sweetener and simply because it looks awesome!

It’s Friday and the weekend is about to happen! The weather is totally showing off and just by looking around, I can notice an obvious lack of presence at desks; chitter chatter about this and thatter… Ok, rhyming for no reason must be a  sign of bordem. Lets get on with it shall we!

Seeing that it’s the weekend and Halloween bashes are sure to be on the agenda – what ciders or crazy cocktails will you have on ice? If you’re planning to throw a function in the spirit of  Halloween, have a ladies night in or if you’re looking for something to sip on at a Saturday afternoon braai this summer – then look no further, here are a few blogs showing how you can conjure up a cocktail or two in the chilaxed comfort of your own kitchen, lounge, eerrrr…. backyard, garage, basement, stoep or wherever you’re planning to party!

Feel free as a bird to add to the list… (^^,?

Shaky Ghost


Drinks Enthusiast

Drinks enthusiast (Day of the Dead with Olmeca)

Eat Out – Brutal Fruit Apple Ginger Summer Punch

Martha Stewart – Cocktail Hour

Kaiser Penguin


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